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Question   Photographs
Beautiful pictures....it's not what kind of camera you have but the eyebehind the camera....and you have a great eye for photography!

- Gary Smith October 30, 2013

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Question   photo gallery
Ed, I really enjoyed viewing your work, very beautiful photos! art springs eternal.
best wishes

- James Doherty September 19, 2013

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Question   Your work
You always do things right!

-  February 07, 2012

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Question   Thanks
Thank you for sharing this glimpse of the world through your eyes. It is truly beautiful.

- J. Peraino July 29, 2009

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Question   Comment
Beautiful, thoughtful work that clearly captures the spirit of the artist as well as the subject.

- Marina Shoemaker March 16, 2009

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Question   general

been browsing through your work - -finally. your sense of composition and light is wonderful..

- phil guarascio February 09, 2009

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Question   Your wildlife photos
ED, I love your wildlife photos, the clarity is amazing!!! The energy of their world is really captured! A compilation of these would make a great coffee table book, although Im sure you already thought of that :) Craig and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

- Susannah Courteau August 19, 2008

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Question   what pretty pictures
small world,never knew that you to take pictures
your friend

- sharon rattler June 14, 2008

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Question   All of Ed's photos
Ed: Your photos show a superior level of imagination and a great ability to catch a special scene or eye filling action.

- Neal Jennings May 09, 2008

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Question   Enjoyed your Christmas card
Great pictures. You do a wonderful job. Always enjoy pictures of the Grand Canyon and western scenes

-  December 29, 2007

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Question   Precision Photography at its Best !
Merry Christmas to Alice and Ed !!
We are amazed with being able to view and contemplate the photo-Art you create Ed.

I feel like disposing of my Rolleflex. Leicas (all of them)

Wish we had contacted you when Ted Grant of Canada visited with us for a time last year.
The cats' out of the bag-you're a GENIUS Ed!

-  December 18, 2006

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Question   Pictures
Hi Ed,
Enjoyed your Christmas card and also got to see your pictures on your home page. Boy, sure wish I could take pictures like that. P.S. didn't see Chester in any of those great shots. Regards Charlie

-  December 14, 2006

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Question   Hi
Ed, Wonderful work. I'm inspired to work on my own dormant photography plans. Fabulous. Bob Barry

-  December 08, 2006

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Question   Christmass Card
Ed and Alice,
Your card was wonderfyl and I have looked at your pictures...They are GREAT.
Again, I have lost your E mail so please send it if you have time .
Merry Christmas,

-  December 08, 2006

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Question   Subjects
Hi Ed: Loved the flower and bird colors...you captured mother nature at her finest...a pleasure to view.

-  November 25, 2006

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Question   Your photography is beautiful!!
Do you have a favorite camera? Have you entered in any competition? The closeups - the clarity and color are really amazing. I had no idea you were so accomplished. I knew it was a hobby - but this is truly spectacular work. Thanks for sharing!

-  June 12, 2006


- Tommyfewo Tommyfewo  September 28, 2017

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